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Saturday, June 29, 2013

Lost Direction? Go TRUE NORTH!

Snowmass P True North One

Snowmass P True North One

Struggling to find direction in your breeding program? Let us introduce you to an outstanding male who will not only brings the correct ancestry to the table, but he brings the package of TRAITS that the genetics pass along as well!

Introducing....Snowmass P True North One.

Yes...the outstanding son of Snowmass Artic Wind x Snowmass Quechua's Sarafina. Pay attention here ladies and gentlemen as this outstanding stud brings incredible density, lingering fineness, AND consistent bundling crimpy fiber, and brightness in his total package!

Never have I seen so many stars align on one pedigree....the dams alone (Snowmass Liberty Bell, 6Peruvian Casa Blanca, 4Peruvian Isabella) stop you in their tracks for they are the ones who gave the industry the Snowmass Futurity and National Champions that we all know - Accoyocussani, Artic Wind, Chateau, Infinity, Trilogy, and Sub-Zero to name a few. Add in those studs, plus a few such as Snowmaster, Augusto, 6Peruvian Monarch, and Legacy...and you understand the power behind this male.

Limited outside breedings available.
True North - head

True North - head