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Fiber / Scientific Data

May 20132013: 20.8 / 3.3 / 16.0 / 1.0
June 20112011: 21.0 / 4.0 / 18.5 /1.3 all from Yocom-McColl
June 20102010: 19.8 / 3.7 / 18.7 / 0.9
June 20092009: 17.8 / 3.5 / 19.5 / 0.9

Breed 7x champ to your colors!

Salt Creek's Takoda

ARI# 31175555   D.O.B. 6/17/2008

Huacaya, Herdsire (Male), Proven | White

7/8 Peruvian
Sire: Status Symbol SSRMT | ARI# 837158  | White |
Dam: Dewey Meadows Peruvian Pearl | ARI# 30013973  | White |

7x halter Champion, Takoda, clearly holds his own in the sea of "white". But did you realize you can enhance your colored girls by breeding to an animal with such amazing fleece statistics like Takoda??

His histograms tell the story - consistency, fineness, amazing handle - even as a three year old! Don't be shy - breed him to your fawns and browns! Or whites... But get those fiber characteristics your breeding program is striving for!!

One of the most fascinating aspects of Takoda is that he clearly continues to impress the judges and customers as he matures. He has found a unique way to combine the genetics of his ancestors into his perfectly formed stature, fiber, bite, and attitude as he casually strolls into the show ring or through the pastures at home. He is the king. A calm, yet "I'm in charge here" attitude reigns as soon as he appears. The other alpacas know it. We aren't sure if he gets it from Augusto, Drambuie, Bueno...who? We just don't know...but we like it!

Takoda hasn't just taken a championships as a juvenile - he has continued to take the coveted banner as a yearling and a 28 month old. As he grows and develops, we are proud that he remains a strong contender. Most impressive is the other males he has beaten - some equally impressive males that he has managed to edge out. Clearly - a simply incredible and irresitible male Takoda certainly has matured to become.

A strong, sturdy, robust, powerful frame holds the most wonderful, soft, crimpy, consistant, bright white fiber you will find. AWESOME.

All breeders know that the white class is highly competitive and it should be. Serious breeders understand that as the alpacas develop and mature, the studs which are worthy breeding to will remain at the top. Takoda is one of these males.

Watch him at shows. Listen to the judges comments about him. Visit him at his home and at shows. Talk to us about him. Feel his fiber. Observe his attitude. This is one set of genetics you want added to your herd!


2013 - American Fiber Rally (Fleece)
2011 - TXOLAN Spectacular (Fleece)
2011 - Spring Bling
2010 - Alpacas in the Ozarks
2010 - Alpacas in the Ozarks
2010 - Springfield Riverside Alpacafest
2010 - Springfield Riverside Alpacafest
Reserve Champion - Kentucky Classic
2010 - Kentucky Classic
2010 - Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (Madison)
2010 - Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (Madison)
2010 - Great Midwest Alpaca Festival (Madison) - (Bred & Owned)
2010 - Indiana Invitational
2010 - Spring Bling
2010 - Spring Bling
2010 - Southern Select Alpaca Show
2010 - Southern Select Alpaca Show - (Bred & Owned)
2009 - Mid-America Show
2009 - Mid-America Show
2009 - Royal Alpaca Challenge
2009 - NIAE (Grayslake)
2009 - IAOBA AlpacaFest
2009 - IAOBA AlpacaFest
2009 - Indiana Invitational
2009 - Spring Bling
2009 - Southern Select
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