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Commander - 18 months
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Fiber / Scientific Data

8/12/2015Y-M stats: 17.7 / 3.6 / 20.1 / 1.0
05/13/2013Y-M stats: 17.0 / 2.9 / 17.2 / 0.4

17.0 micron count as 3 year old!


ARI# 32133455   D.O.B. 8/21/2012

Huacaya, Jr. Herdsire (Male), White

Full Peruvian
Sire: Snowmass Star Quest   | White |
Dam: MBY Lucy in the Sky | ARI# 30007463  | White 

2022 - at the age of 10, this male still has very respectable EPDs in 7 categories and he has transitioned to a herd that has moved from NH to OK.

Dec 2018 - An amazing year for this male - stunning EPDs - still in the top 5%! A fantastic shearing weight (again!) AND he is the sire of surviving twins. Yep - he remains on our herdsire row for sure.

April 2016 - Another awesome shearing - 5.6# blanket and 2.4# neck for this guy. Same consistent dense blanket on the same solid frame. He just gets better with age. Oh yes...he will be part of our foundation males!

Aug 2015 - still undecided? How about 17 micron as a three year old? Staying fine, with consistent fiber stats as this male matures is what we continue to build the foundation program upon. Commander is yet another example of why judges liked this male. And, although we admit we allowed him to graze on lush pastures all year...he still maintained awesome fiber, despite high protein pastures. Sigh...what an awesome genetic package!

Nov 2014 - We adore it when the judges recognize the density and fiber traits on this male. After all, that is exactly what he was bred for. One of the comments the judge spoke about what the "pounds and pounds of fiber this male has on his frame" - and it is true! Commander packs more fiber per square centimeter onto his frame than most of his competitors. That is what led him to the top of his class and his latest blue ribbon. This is a male for females who need a shot of density, consistent architecture, correct conformation, and attitude. He has it all. He isn't tall and lanky - he is stocky, power packed, and the complete package. Full of confidence and ready to show the next generation how enhance and compliments their traits. He is a job well done, I would say!

Oct 2014 - Indeed, this male is a tank. Wide chested (great for lung capacity for breeding!), correct frame, perfect bite, perfect head (we LOVE his head), consistent fiber architecture throughout blanket…downfall? Well…we would have to say that it is a little higher micron than some of the competitors due to being on lush pasture this spring and summer. Yes, we know…we don't starve the animals and we have been blessed with abundant rains. Is it a downfall? Hmmm…we don't think so. Genetically, when we look at Commander and his full sibling, Delilah, the are identical and have the same exact fiber. This is a stud. He is a spitting image of his sire, Snowmass Star Quest - a National Color Champion four years in a row. Nope…no mistake. And wait until you see his baby sister, Microburst….


- 2014 - A-OK Blast Off
- 2014 - MAPACA
- 2014 - Railsplitter Alpaca Show
- 2014 - Best of the US Alpaca Show
- 2013 - Alpacas in the Ozarks
- 2013 - American Fiber Rally - Best Hand
- 2013 - American Fiber Rally - Fleece
- 2013 - Small Breeders Challenge
- 2013 - Michigan International AlpacaFest
- 2013 - Illinois Alpaca Show
- 2013 - A-OK Blast Off
- 2013 - Spring Bling Alpaca Show
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