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Saturday, December 14, 2013

Grace and Hope settle in...

Grace - chewy bones are yummy!

Grace - chewy bones are yummy!

We really cannot thank Kentucky Champion Alpacas and Rena Bartlett (Rivendell Meadows Alpacas & Angoras) for her assistance in transport coordination. Not only are Grace and Hope completely integrated into the herd, but they are totally at home here with Gretchen already…acting as if they were born here and were with the herd from day one! Hope tends to stay with the herd more while Grace is more the "watcher" from a distance.

Watching the dynamic "trio" has been interesting. Gretchen is getting much needed relief, but also guiding the younger girls. They are quick learners and look to her for leadership. These "little sisters" are definitely like having a big sister, but are independent enough to handle the pastures on their own. Simple awesome.

Very social, Grace loves to come and "shake your hand" - just like Gretchen. Hope bounds in for treats but is quick to return to the herd. She knows her job and will stay as guardian. Reminds me of the lion/lioness relationship…one will stay and protect…one call will bring the other back to help defend. :-)

We just got about 6" of snow…and more is falling…off to see what adventure is awaiting these little snow puppies…

Sigh…life is great!
Hope - got something to trade me for my chewy?

Hope - got something to trade me for my chewy?