Saturday, December 20, 2014

Happy Holidays from Salt Creek

It is a bustling time of year for many of us. Things to do (pastures to clean, animals to feed, water buckets to fill, dogs to feed, etc…oh wait…holidays…back on track!!!), places to go, people to gather with, presents to wrap and mail…busy, busy, busy!

Taking out time to send a holiday greeting to friends is always a time to also reflect on the wonderful year that has past us by. Salt Creek has had another strong and solid year.

Super Storm gave us a fantastic offspring (Microburst) and she captured the blue ribbon in her first outing at the tender age of a day over 6 months in a very competitive class. By partnering with High Plains, the impact to our program genetically and phenotypically has been significant.

Adding additional High Plains genetics - High Plains Quicksand (a Super Sam son!) and HK Amazon's Nighthawk (yep, an Amadeus line!!) simply added depth of Futurity winning impact males with diversity to our program in COLOR. Of course, we always had the whites! Commander (a Snowmass Star Quest son), Bonecrusher (an AML Nobility son) and Snowmass P True North One round out the whites with elite ease. And for the grey lovers, Grand River Bravo puts his own reflection champion offspring on the ground in grey.

We hope your holidays are merry and bright. Reflect back. If you need a little brightness, put a total package on your wish list. HP Hurricane's Super Storm is the one I would ask for.